Cobo Hall

Can you imagine Detroit without the Auto Show? Robert Ficano couldn’t either. When the Auto Show was in real jeopardy of moving out of Detroit and even out of the State of Michigan due to the outdated and deteriorated conditions at Cobo Hall, Robert Ficano led the charge to renovate and expand Cobo Hall so our premier and signature event would remain where it belongs.

Knowing Detroit couldn’t do it alone, Ficano brought the leaders of Oakland, Macomb, Detroit and the State of Michigan together to create a regional authority to fund the project and to run Cobo Hall. Ficano’s effective, creative and cooperative leadership assured that no new taxes would be raised to fund the project. Not only did Ficano save the world’s best auto show and our very identity here in Wayne County, Ficano also assured that the thousands of jobs that are created and maintained locally by the auto show would not be lost.

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Robert Ficano
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