American Auto Industry Rocks!
 By Robert Ficano

While the New York bankers were getting a taxpayer bail out and cashing in outrageous undeserved bonuses, some Washington politicians wanted to divert attention from the blank checks they were signing and decided to start attacking the American auto industry and the UAW. Like you, Robert Ficano took great offense to these attacks on the industry and people that mean so much to us and he led the charge to fight back.

Ficano created the American Auto Industry Rocks website and campaign. Organized and mobilized prominent business and labor leaders and used his own campaign money to buy radio ads in the South promoting the American auto industry and calling out the anti-labor Southern Senators who were attacking us. The pressure mounted on those in Washington and we were successful in educating the decision makers on just how important the American auto industry is. With the organized lobbying and pressure lead by Ficano and other manufacturing state leaders, GM and Chrysler received the government loans that allowed them to restructure and to save literally thousands of jobs here in Wayne County. Along with Ford Motor Company’s prudent financial management, the industry is now poised for a big come back.




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Robert Ficano
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