Pet Coke Denial

Ficano lauds denial of permit application by MDEQ for pet coke storage

Ficano letter in April and testimony in June part of opposing voices to the plan by Detroit Bulk Storage in River Rouge    

The strong written and verbal opposition voiced by Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano and others against the storage of pet coke in River Rouge has paid a dividend for Downriver and southwest Detroit residents. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) today denied an application from Detroit Bulk Storage to stor...


Pet Coke Testimony


Testimony of Robert A. Ficano, Wayne County Executive – June 25, 2014

Re: PTI Application No. 189-13, Detroit Bulk Storage Inc.

As you know, some months ago I submitted a letter in opposition to this Petition.

Wayne County applauds the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s proposed denial of the Permit To Install, Application No. 189-13 from Detroit Bulk Storage, Inc. for the proposed storage and handling of petroleum coke at 530 East Great Lakes St. in the ...


Pet Coke Permit

Ficano urges MDEQ to deny permit allowing storage of pet coke in River Rouge

CEO letter to MDEQ director sites negative impact for residents and businesses

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano voiced strong opposition to the possible granting of a permit to store pet coke by Detroit Bulk Storage at its headquarters in River Rouge, MI.   In a letter to Dan Wyant, the Director of the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Ficano said wind-blown particles would negatively impact the quality of life for residents and business...


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